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To new writers:

Thank you for being interested in my editing. I have always been devoted to helping all writers develop more effective writing skills, which is why...

1. I wrote two books on writing techniques specifically for you: Don't Murder Your Mystery, and Don't Sabotage Your Submission. Each contains the same advice, so I do not expect anyone to buy both. (You can read Part I, which is the same for both books, when you return to the Home page.)

2. I'm happy to continue speaking at writers' workshops and conferences, as well as for groups of any size.

Since the publication of these two books for writers (my 10th and 11th books), each was nominated for many major national awards, then won enough of them to result in ever-increasing distribution and invaluable "word-of-mouth" spread by readers — for which I'm very grateful — my workload has grown to the point that I am no longer able to add new writers to my existing client list. I am very fortunate to have a substantial number of authors I've been working with for some time continuing to keep me quite busy.

In addition, I am currently working on my 12th and final book, which adds to what you're learning from the Don't books. It wll be available in 2018 (I sincerely hope), and will definitely be in both print and digital. If you'd like me to notify you when it does become available, please email me at chrisroerden@writersinfo.info.

I truly wish I could take on every manuscript that's sent to me, but that's not possible. However, much of what you need to get right, especially if you are a new writer, I have already gifted to you in the form of a Don't book. I'm also available to offer a workshop to your writers' group, in print and via Skype.

Please click the microphone on the home page of this website to see where I'm presenting next. And for writers within traveling distance of the High Point, NC, library, I'm almost always available to talk with you or offer a workshop as part of the many free programs that Sisters in Crime of the Triad offers 10 Sundays a year. Details at www.murderwewrite.org

Thank you so much for your interest,

Chris Roerden

(This page revised January 1, 2017)

PS: If you are curious to see what I had asked all new writers to provide — that is, when I did take on first-time writers — you may click here.