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Pat Meller adds her skills to
the Market Savvy team!




If you are producing technical books and documentation, Pat offers extensive experience as a scientist, technical writer, trainer, communicator, and developer of short- and long-term projects.  In addition to her technical knowledge, Pat is skilled at presenting complex information accurately, clearly, and concisely.



What are your needs for high-quality written materials?






Computer Software

Computer Hardware


Quick Reference Guides

Reference Manuals

System Documentation

Training Manuals

User Guides


Installation Manuals

Maintenance Manuals

Reference Manuals

User Manuals




Medical Equipment / Systems

ISO 9000


Blood Bank





Quality Manuals

Work Instructions



Available: Experienced writing, editing, and content review




Also Available:

      Audience evaluation and assessment of existing materials

     Customized style guides and template development

   Flowcharts and forms design

To see the business, technical, and health books
and other materials we've already helped
produce, click
/nonfiction.html, and keep scrolling


Each project is quoted on an individual basis and can be contracted on either

an hourly rate of $50 or a pre-determined bid. There is no charge for the first

20 minutes of an exploratory meeting by telephone.


Email patmeller “at” aol.com (Subject: Technical Writing) and Pat will contact

you to discuss your needs


Phone: 336-209-0628 between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM Eastern time



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