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A Ballad Remembered: An Upper Peninsula Childhood
Agnes Miller as told to Tom Miller
Private printing

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The Boy Who Invented Television
Paul Schatzkin TeamCom Books

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"A great biography of a gifted inventor ... Recommended." —Library Journal

Divorcing the Corporation
Rosalyn M. Reeder Hapi Haus Publishing

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Geneva Days
Mario Del Rosso Delro Publishing

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Give This Man a Hand
Earl & Cassandra Harrell E.T. Publishing

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"Very well written."
—Midwest Book Review

The Kids of the Guardian Angel Boarding School
Ken Keyser KeyHill Publishing

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Left Behind
Carol Kifer Paz Publications

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Molding a Business: Opportunity for You
Catharo Brown
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Mrs. Wheeler Goes to Washington
Elizabeth Wheeler Colman Falcon Press
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Open Gate: Teaching in a Foreign Country
Chris Roerden Edit It Publications


Click here to order: Open Gate
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"Roerden's keen desire to understand another culture and her willingness to be taught by her adult students shines through.... lively, straightforward style ... warm, informative and entertaining." —Jo McReynolds-Blochowiak, Lifetimes Magazine

"Fascinating look into the courtesy and hospitality of the Korean people ... and pitfalls that await unsuspecting travelers." —Nancy W. Olson, Milwaukee Journal

"Charming story ... recommended." —Wisconsin Education Association

"Humorous and insightful account of an American woman's teaching experience in South Korea. ... Her efforts to overcome these obstacles to teaching make for important cultural revelations."Bookwatch

"Very perceptive observations." —Korea Central Daily News

Tea with Jane Austen
Kim Wilson Jones Books, Madison WI

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"With warmest thanks for all your help." —Kim Wilson

What Two Can Do: Sam & Mandy Stellman's Crusade for Social Justice
Chris Roerden Badger Books/Waubesa Press


Royalties from the sale of this book are donated to organizations that work for justice for women

Click here to order: What Two Can Do

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"Wonderful book."—Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health & Human Services under Pres. Clinton

"Important and instructive reading for all who look for ways to mend the world and promote social change."
—Hannah Rosenthal, Regional Director, Health & Human Services, under Pres. Clinton

"Their story needs to be known."
—Judge Charles B. Schudson, Wisconsin Court of Appeals

"This book will inspire and show you how to be an effective catalyst for good." —Roland B. Day, Chief Justice (Ret.), Wis. Supreme Court

"One thing I like a lot about the book is that it shows change is possible in realistic and manageable ways. Telling that story is important, because many women don't believe their employers or politicians are capable of change, and don't see themselves as being able to make that change happen. So the more we popularize who the change-makers are and show people, 'See, this is how to do it' ... that's what can make a difference." —Ellen Bravo, Co-Director, 9 to 5


Consulting Today: Fundamentals, Practices, Trends
Leticia Gallares Japzon Exlibris Publishing

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"I could not have done it without you. You are wonderful." —Letty Japzon

Data Base Maintenance Manual
Deluxe Data Systems

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"Thank you for all the expertise and professionalism you brought to our customer's project. Your perceptions ... have been excellent. It has been a pleasure working with you." —Sally Yeo, VP, Computing Without Confusion

Global Alliance Sales Training
Global Sales Alliance
West Concord, MA

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"You have done an amazing job and we are very happy. Thank you! We will definitely be using you in the future!" —Megan Holsinger, Global Sales Alliance

How to Read a Mutual Fund Prospectus
Thomas P. Lemke & Gerald T. Lins

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"We thank our editor, Chris Roerden, for showing us how
much value a professional editor can bring to a book project."
—Lemke & Lins, How to Read a Mutual Fund Prospectus

Soft Dollars and Other Brokerage Arrangements
Thomas P. Lemke & Gerald T. Lins
Mercer Point Publishing

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ISO 9000 Quality Procedures Manual
GE Medical Systems, Service Division
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Milk Them for All They're Worth: Dr. Sanders' Guide to Milk & Money
Donald E. Sanders, DVM
Vaca Resources

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"Great job with the editing. It is easy to follow and the manuscript has so much more 'punch.' You have also made my job of correc-
tions so much easier at a time when my job stress levels are very high."
—Donald Sanders, Milk Them for All They're Worth

New Millennium Guide to Managing Your Money
John T. McCarthy, CFP
Maggie Publishing

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"Many thanks to my talented editor and publishing consultant, Chris Roerden, who patiently guided me through the process of putting this book together. She exhibited professionalism and an insistence on quality at every step." —John McCarthy, The New Millennium Guide To Managing Your Money

Embrace the Journey
John T. McCarthy, CFP
Maggie Publishing  

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Office Minder
Chris Roerden
for 21st Century Products

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"Wonderful and complete job. ...It would have taken any other person at least twice the time." —Naomi K. Shapiro, Project Manager

Starting Your Own Investment Club
Beanstalk Investment Club
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Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck: A Conversation about Income, Wealth, and the Steps in Between
Michael B. Rubin
Total Candor
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Chapter Building Leadership Manual
Chris Roerden for Wisconsin National Organization for Women

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Citizen Power: Stories of America's New Civic Spirit
Robin Epstein Democracy Resource Center (606-276-0563)

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The Last Violet: Mourning My Mother
Lois Hjelmstad
Mulberry Hill Press

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Love Advice for Women
Nathaniel Jackson AdviceZone

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Romantic Stability
Dane Seven Arrows Publishing

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Self-Esteem for Children
Dale Olen, PhD

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First place award for editing, MidAmerica Publishers Association

Parenting for the First Time
Dale Olen, PhD
JODA Communications

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Should I Stay or Go? How Controlled Separation Can Save Your Marriage
Lee Raffel, MSW
NTC/Contemporary Books

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"No words can properly express my gratitude to Chris, who expertly took my raw material and gently, but firmly, instructed me along the way.... Accolades go far beyond the benefits of her extraordinary editing skill." —Lee B. Raffel, Should I Stay or Go?

The Sink or Swim Money Program (previously Capitate Your Kids)
John E. Whitcomb, MD
Featured on Oprah and Good Morning America

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"Chris Roerden is an editor for any new writer wanting to create a book." —John E. Whitcomb, MD, The Sink or Swim Money Program


Maggie's Angels:
Loving, Living with, and Learning from a Special Needs Daughter
John T. McCarthy
Maggie's Dad

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"Many thanks to my trusted professional editor, Chris Roerden, who convinced me I had another book in me and an important story to share...putting her immense talents and lifetime of accumulated wisdom to bear to bring Maggie and her angels to life." —John McCarthy, Publisher

Breast Cancer Survivors' Club
Lillie Schockney Herb Companion Press
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Featured on Rosie O'Donnell, Today, and a Discovery Channel special on Health

Marilyn L. Bach, PhD
Heel to Toe Publications

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Genetic Connections:TM A Guide to Documenting Your Individual and Family Health History
Sonters Publishing

Recipient of 5 honors and awards (see Awards)
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"Deepest gratitude to Chris. Her professionalism, editorial expertise, and technical writing skills provided the polish our book needed to place it at the top of its field." —Danette Nelson-Anderson, Publisher

Medical Symptoms Diary
Lawrence Smith, MD
M&H Press

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"Thanks for all the excellent work you've done for us. Please perform your magic on the enclosed and fax me the result." —John Mikkonen, Publisher

The Herbal Drugstore
Linda B. White, MD
Rodale Press

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"You did your usual fabulous, meticulous job. Everything looks wonderful! Your queries are insightful and are making rewrites quick." —Susan Clotfelter, Project Editor, The Herbal Drugstore


Collections from Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Chris Roerden
published by the Town of Cape Elizabeth Bicentennial Commission

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"A miracle!"Portland Press Herald

"A wonderful book." —John H. Reed, Former Governor of Maine

Greater Milwaukee's Growing Pains, 1950–2000
Richard W. Cutler
Milwaukee County Historical Society, 901 N. Old World Street, Milwaukee WI 53203

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Lost Gold: The Remarkable Quest for the Greatest Shipwreck Treasure of the Civil War Era
Priit J. Vesilind
Shipwreck Heritage Press

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"I'm quite impressed with the quality of your copyedits. I've worked with a number of people in the past, but this is the best work I've seen. The thoroughly detailed suggestions will really make a difference for this book. I'm looking forward to working with you on more projects to come."Philip Martin, Publishing Services Manager (former acquisitions editor, The Writer Books)

On to the Second Decade
Chris Roerden
published by the National Organization for Women 10th Anniversary Commemorative

The book and companion poster were selected for the Smithsonian Institution's Special Collection on Women

Click here to order the poster
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Positive Action Award in the Field of Leadership, "For actions to further the struggle for equality for women in our society."
—Eleanor Smeal, National NOW President

Willa Dean Hall
Gentle Giant Publishing

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"A finely hewn piece of Southern literature ... wonderfully written book."John Staples, Kernersville News

Walking Tours of Wisconsin's Historic Towns
Wisconsin Trails Books

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Benjamin Franklin Finalist


If You Can't Get Off the Horse You'd Better Learn to Ride
Scott Weigle
Thomas-Kalland Publishers

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"Chris Roerden provided invaluable assistance....Her pencil was quite sharp at times, but her words never were, and I emerged from the editing process a better writer than when I entered it." —Scott Weigle, If You Can't Get Off the Horse, You'd Better Learn to Ride

Laugh & Get Rich: How to Profit from Humor in Any Business
Rick Segel & Darren LaCroix
Specific House

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"I wish we'd had the book edited professionally the first time." —Darren LaCroix

"At the time we didn't know the difference between editing and proofreading. Now, it is so much more professional." —Rick Segel

Stage Time
Darren LaCroix darren@humor411.com

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"Thank you! You make me look good! " —Darren LaCroix , 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

You Know You Married a Cheap Husband When...
Victoria Kruzel Merrier Press

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You Know You Married a Cheap Wife When...
Victoria Kruzel Merrier Press

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David Zach
Innovative Futures Press

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Freedom's Way: Engage Your Potential
ZT Bloch-Jorgensen
Freedom's Way Press: Australia, India, USA

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"There are some people in your life who leave an indelible mark. You are one of those people. Your caring guidance crafted my style, my work, and my conscious." —ZT Bloch-Jorgensen, Freedom's Way, New South Wales

Gods in the Making: Or How to Have Fun in the Galaxy
Nancy Retzlaff Gemini Moon Publications

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Seven Days in Florence
John Shanle

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The Stewards of South Beach
James Quarto Casey James Publishing

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Path to the Soul
Ashok Bedi, MD
Samuel Weiser Publishing

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Relax: You're Already Perfect
Bruce D. Schneider, PhD
Ebb/Flow Publishing

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The Case for Life Beyond Death
Jacquelyn Oliveira
William Laughton Publishers

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The M-Files: True Reports of Minnesota's Unexplained Phenomena
Jay Rath Wisconsin Trails Books

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He Promised He'd Stop: Helping Women Find Safe Passage from Abusive Relationships
Michael Groetsch CPI Publishing

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"I'm very impressed. You have an excellent grasp of what I want to say." —Michael Groetsch, He Promised He'd Stop

The Battering Syndrome: Why Men Beat Women and the Professional's Guide to Intervention
Michael Groetsch CPI Publishing

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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
CPI Publishing

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Realizing You: A Novel Approach to Changing Your Life
Ron Doades with Susan Sloate
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NOTE: This is a unique self-help book told through a work of fiction. Check it out!

"Your skilled editorial assistance added immeasurably to Realizing You"
—Ron Doades

Been There (Should've) Done That
Suzette Tyler Front Porch Press

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5-time award-winner, including Writer's Digest Best Self-Published Book

Clean, Naturally
Sandy Maine Interweave Press

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Down But Not Out
Jeanne E. Sexson
Women of Diversity Productions
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"Your sharp eye for detail and insight, patience, knowledge, and encouragement were exactly what was necessary to get the best from me and for me." —Jeanne E. Sexson, Down But Not Out

Failure is NOT an Option
Donna Jordan
Cranberry Cove Publishers

Author is Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor
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"What a joy to find a professional who wanted only to enhance my product rather than change it. I feel she made a good book better. She cleaned up my copy without ever altering my message. For that I am grateful." —Donna Jordan, Failure is NOT an Option

Feel Nifty After 50
Jo Peddicord Golden Aspen Publishing (800-639-9664) www.beautybeyond50.com
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Award-winning book

The H-Factor: Solving the hidden puzzles of feelings
Guylaine Tolchard & James Tolchard
Process Viewpoint Publishing

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Life Skills Series 10 books
Dale R. Olen, PhD
JODA Communications

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"Your editing and layout have been outstanding. We could not have turned out such quality books without you and your many talents." —Dale Olen, PhD

Succeeding in America: Lessons from Immigrants Who Achieved the American Dream
Leticia Gallares-Japzon TeamCom Books

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The Safety Minute
Robert L. Siciliano
Safety Zone Press
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"My appreciation to my amazing editor, Chris Roerden. If anyone wants a quality editor who has a big beautiful heart, Chris is the one. You receive full credit for the easy readability of this book." —Robert Siciliano

The Safety Minute: Living on High Alert (Revised Edition)
Robert L. Siciliano
Safety Zone Press
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Three Minutes of Intimacy
Craig Marcott
Sundance Publishing

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"Your editing was a terrific learning experience!" —Craig Marcott, Three Minutes of Intimacy


Performance Group Management & Sales Training Units, 3 vols.
Lois & Ralph Patton
The Performance Group, Inc.

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"Your editing of our management and sales training materials has made us extremely proud." —Lois Patton, VP, The Performance Group

Weaving Diversity into the Fabric of America
Deborah Clements Blanks
Kairo Communications

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